It used to be only less popular sites would bundle extras in with a program you downloaded.  Now many of the software sites I used to recommend are bundling - some often adding several programs to each download you get.  While these added programs may be safe software if you get your download from a reputable source, I still prefer to choose what I want to install or not, and its just downright sneaky to put in extras. While you usually can opt out of the extra added software when you install the program you downloaded, you do need to watch carefully and often check the fine print during the installation procedure to catch them. 

   Less safe bundleware sources may not even ask you to choose not to install any add-ins.  And worse yet some of the added software may be either outright harmful spyware or browser hijacking pests.  Even the software that is safe will potentially slow your PC down, and take up space you might not want to waste.

   So I no longer just caution PC users to be careful to only download from good sources, but to watch and read all the little texts, check boxes and such.  Sad that we need to do this with even such good sources as CNET's www.download.com but they are doing this too.  When in doubt you can try to do a restore point before you install - just to be able to undo everything if needed.  Sadly - some of the new software bundles will have a way to un-install the program you wanted, but maybe not always a way to easily uninstall the extras that came along with it.  One tip that is a bit more complicated, is to use a virtual Windows installation to "sand-box" the new software.  Virtual PC installations - allow you to better test a system and when you delete the instance of that version of Windows - your regular Windows is still untouched.  Check for articles on how to do this - its getting easier these days.


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