Something you may not think about till its too late, is that you may need to write down, print or save somehow, your Windows 10 COA keycode.  While you have a code for Windows7 or Windows8 and got your free upgrade, you may not know the code for Windows10.  

    Nowhere does it show in the control panel or settings that we can find.  If you query MICROSOFT about it - you get this page which tells you what to do to find it if you purchased it directly from Microsoft online, from an authorized retailer, or with a new computer.  It does not offer any help to those millions who chose to do the free upgrade from Windows8 or Windows7.  

   If you need to re-install your Windows 10 - and you got it from the upgrade plan for free, you may be in a fix.  You might need to install the old Windows7 or 8 first then try the Windows10 - if its before July 29th, 2016.  But it would be simpler to not have to do that if you had the COA code for your particular installation of Windows10.  Fortunately one of the great utilities that help you find key codes has been updated to find your Windows 10 code for you - and we suggest you do that now and save the code somewhere safe - or print it and tape a copy of it to your pc.  

    NIRSOFT  has their great little utility that will get many programs keys for you to be able to back up those codes safely and be better prepared.  

   They have the  ProduKey program, and many other great utilities - we suggest you take a look while you are there - over 100 great utilities - all for free! We suggest if you find one that saves you some time or grief, please remember to support such independent software by making a decent donation to them - just as you would to PCFixes.com if you are able and feel we have helped you. Your support helps keep us going - Thanks!


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