Applying some of the techniques I have learned from the articles and sites shared here, I am pleased to see some results showing in what to me is a very quick timeframe on my oldest site - www.pcfixes.com.  PCFixes is a site with lots of helpful links and information to "Help You Get More From Your Computer" as the motto says there.  I started it over 20 years ago and basically have 99% ignored it the last 8 or 10 years. As I mention on the site, I am now going through a major rework to bring the site into a modern format and while I do, starting to update the site, removing the dead links, adding and updating as we can. It will be a good sized undertaking.  

   However the important news is this. The use of added links and mentions in a set of blogs, and having a better start on keywords and meta data during the last several weeks has already shown an improvement in both visits to the site and the ALEXA ratings.  I am particularly surprised by ALEXA - where PCFixes.com was at 21,162,532 when we started the process in late June this year, it has been dropping and is now 19,856,236 on the evening of 7/15/2014. 

      "This is approximately 1.3 million higher in the Alexa list in less than three weeks. "

This is still of course saying that nearly 20 million sites are more popular - but that we are seeing this much improvement in a reasonably short time is still good and proves the techniques we are testing - much of which we see in messages from folks we have listed here in the links. Again not a get rich quick scheme but showing that with a bit of work in the right areas, we can start driving traffic (and usually improving profit) to our desired site. 

   We will have more as we get further into this - one of our examples we are working on currently. Hopefully we will have more good progress to show in a few more weeks.


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