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     Pssst! - Would you like a short FREE email that lets you know when any useful changes are made to this site, and often a sample of the things sent in our full newsletter?  Often we include some good tips and links to good tech support, programming, or BBS related websites?

   I thought so, but since I can not send mail to lots of addresses very easily by manual methods, and since many of the estimated 350,000+ surfers who have visited this site didn't email me with questions and leave an address, then the use of a mailing list server is practical answer.  Read on please!

Joining the mailing list is almost painless.. takes only a tiny bit of effort on your part and can help in at least two ways.  

  • You will get a E-mail - not too often - that may point out an answer you were looking for or tell you of a site you can benefit from.

  •  I get a bit of statistical information that helps me to know more about the audience so I can better shape the contents here.


   You will receive an email confirming your joining the mailing list, and you must reply to it so that the system accepts you. If no reply is received, the system will not add your email address to the list. This is done to help stop those rascals that might put someone's email address in without them knowing it. 



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