Below is the original "ABOUT ME" page from Ebay for Programmer1971 - which was not available after the improvements to the user profile pages on Ebay which started in June 2014.  Recently it has been updated somewhat to keep more current.

About Me - Programmer1971

   I am a confirmed computer dinosaur and electronics hacker - At least in a good sense of the term. Many years back a "hacker" was the person who could build and modify things - putting stuff together from odd parts. Today most folks think of computer criminals when you say "hacker" - the guy who steals your data or worse so I have to be careful with the term these days.  See one of my favorite sites,  OLDHACKERS.COM for more information if you are interested in old or new computer hardware, old computers, new gadgets and just plain old worrying folks by opening and digging into your electronics.

   As a young lad I became interested in many types of science and mostly electronics. I started building electronic kits in the early 1960s and built many over the years since. These ranged from older tube-type shortwave receivers with point to point wiring (no circuit boards) to tiny microprocessor based test gear that fits in the palm of your hand. I still today enjoy putting together such kits but they are harder to find since Heathkit dropped out. 

   In the last almost 50 years most of my jobs have been related to electronics and/or computing. From two way radio and broadcasting work to some fairly neat homebrew telemetry systems on high pressure CO2 pipelines, I have worked on electronics 1692 feet above ground and 1100 feet under ground. These days I still do a little design and interfacing work from time to time but mostly do computer support, repairs, upgrades, networking, websites and programming work as a hobby since retiring in 2015.

 I first started programming and working with microcomputers and mini-mainframes in the spring of 1971 - and one of my first email addresses was Programmer1971 to refer to that and those days of coding on paper, punching cards and running programs from the cards. So I picked that for my ebay user name also in 2003 when I started ebaying. I started doing websites over 25 years ago and have a few that I tinker with yet today such as PCFIXES.NET and many more. Truly a jack of many trades, and likely not so much a master of any one of them. They all grow and change too fast these days.  Yet after over 55 years of "playing" with such fun gadgets I still enjoy working with all this, and trying to keep up as best I can. 

    I like to think my strongest point is my realworld knowledge learned from the diversity of my interests and experiences.

   Often when you buy something from me here on eBay it may be accompanied with a story - especially some of the vintage computing items I have been selling lately. A few of them end up with their own page on one of my websites. I had held onto some items for my idea of a museum, but in thinning down the collection, decided a few pictures take far less space and someone else might want them for their collection. 


    I am happily married and have been for over 39 years, and have 5 grown children that are each very special in so many ways.  I count my true wealth in them and my wife.  My hobbies include music (still more rock than country), reading sci-fi and used to spend time keeping the family dogs from conquering the world.  (they were Goldens - if you have one you will understand)

  I have been collecting computer and electronics junk for as long as I could drag it around behind me, and may sell some of it here.  I sometimes "part-out" a computer or laptop that was not practical to repair - so that someone else can benefit from the parts. I do take questions and will try to be helpful to those seeking help - as I still believe in limited old fashioned free advice.

  I believe eBay is a virtual community and enjoy being a citizen of it,  Its easy to spend too much time here seeing what is "on the block".


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